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What is the ECU?

What is the ECU?

What is the ECU? ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is a system used in vehicles that enables control of all systems. In other words, it means Motor Ecu. It is an electronic system that controls and controls the sensors and parts on the engine and calculates the parameters in the vehicle.

In order to drive a car safely and really get performance from it, it is important to carefully and instantaneously evaluate all of its vehicle’s data. This task is undertaken by the ECU in the vehicle, this is the working principle.

When we look at the internal diagram of the Motor Ecu, we can see that there are integrated circuits, transistors, mosfets, diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc. It consists of circuit elements.

Engine Ecu often differ from vehicle to vehicle. The same Engine Ecu can be used in some different vehicles. This is because vehicles have the same parameter and engine system.

For example: The engine Ecu of VW GOLF 1.6 2006 model vehicle and VW PASSAT 1.6 2010 model vehicle is SIMOS brand PCR2.1. It uses the same engine Ecu in both vehicles. When you compare these engine Ecu, only their software may differ.

We can write more of these examples. It uses the same engine Ecu in some vehicles of Peugeot and Citroen.

Ecu Test


In case of a malfunction in the ECU, various malfunction lamps will light up on the instrument panel. The vehicle will react according to the condition of the fault.

For example, if there is an immobilizer malfunction in our vehicle, a sign with a key on the vehicle will light up on the instrument panel and it will not detect the vehicle’s ignition even though you turn the vehicle’s ignition. First, we need to remove the ECU from the vehicle and get it to the desktop.

In this case, whatever the fault of the vehicle is, first of all, it is necessary to find the pins on the ECU that manage the defective part on the ECU. Then, following the path of these pins on the circuit, it is necessary to find the circuit elements and integral they are connected to.

After finding it, we need to check the circuit elements it is connected to and our integration. We need to remove the circuit element or integrated that we see as defective with the help of a soldering iron without damaging the ECU, and replace it with the same circuit element or integrated.

At the last stage, we have to test whether we have fixed the malfunction by attaching the engine Ecu to the vehicle.

But when you have the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, all the operations for ECU repair are reduced to minimum cost, it gives you speed and allows you to repair it on the desktop very easily without tools.

So how does it do that?

When you connect the ECU to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device and open the simulation screen, it shows you the defective sensor or injector with a red light.

It then shows the pins on the ECU to which this fault is connected and the integral to which it is connected. All we have to do is check the integration. When we solve the fault, we can connect the engine Ecu to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device and check whether the fault is solved or not.

In other words, you do not need to work in front of the vehicle, you can easily do it on the desktop thanks to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device. You can contact us for technical support and assistance.

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