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SCANIA R400 Engine ECU Repair

SCANIA R400 Engine ECU Repair

The owner of the Scania R400 2015 model heavy vehicle called our garage and reported that his vehicle turned on a fault light and the injectors did not stop even when the engine was turned off (Scania R400 2015 Ecu Repair). We wanted to disassemble the ECU and send it to us.We took the TEMIC-1917800 ECU to the desktop.

How is SCANIA R400 Engine ECU Repair Performed?

We made a connection between the engine Ecu, TEMIC-1917800, which belongs to the Scania R400 heavy vehicle, and the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device.

We made this connection with the Universal Socket, which is provided when you buy the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, which allows you to easily connect to all heavy vehicle and passenger engine Ecu.

Upon the request of our customers, we can make it in the original socket of each engine Ecu, so you can connect the socket directly to the ECU and make your connection.

After making our connection, we open our simulation of the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device from the computer. After selecting the vehicle brand and model, we approve the ECU TEMIC-1917800 and enter our simulation screen.

When we open our simulation screen, we look at the injectors and observe that it is okay. Then we check the sensors on the right. The Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device allows us to change the values of the sensors connected to TEMIC-1917800.

By changing the sensor values, we understand that the sensor is without any problem in the harmony between the value we assign to the sensor and the value given to us by the sensor.

We lower and raise all sensor values and we see that only the “Fuel Temperature Sensor” is defective and it lights up as a red light on the simulation screen.

When the Fuel Temperature Sensor fails, the ECU continues to run the engine because it cannot receive a temperature signal from this sensor.

Then, we open the TEMIC-1917800 inner diagram by clicking the ‘Component Description’ button at the top of our simulation screen. Here, we can see which integrated does what, its brand and model on the screen.


We find the circuit element to which the Fuel Temperature Sensor is connected. Then click on ‘Electric Diagram’ and see the pins connected to the Fuel Temperature Sensor.

Then, with the help of a multimeter, we first check the path of the pins and see that there is no problem. When we examine the circuit element they are connected to, we see that it has lost its function and is defective.

With the help of a soldering iron, we remove this circuit element without damaging the ECU and replace it with the solid circuit element. We are connecting the TEMIC-1917800 ECU back to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device.

When we run our simulation screen, we observe that the problem has been resolved. Thus, with the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, we solve the problem of TEMIC-1917800 ECU of the SCANIA R400 vehicle quickly, easily and with minimum cost.

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