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How is Citroen C2 Ecu Repair Performed?

How is Citroen C2 Ecu Repair Performed?

Cıtroen C2-2006 Model-1.6 VTS-Gasoline-Ecu name Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, multimeter and soldering iron set were used for BOSCH ME7.4.4 vehicle (Citroen Ecu Repair).

The owner of the car, which has a Citroen C2 1.6 VTS engine, called our garage and stated that his vehicle had a Ecu malfunction, the fault lamp on the instrument panel was on and his vehicle did not eat gas. We took the Ecu from our customer and moved it to the desktop.

Citroen C2 Ecu Repair

First of all, we are doing the necessary studies for the Immo-Off process of our vehicle Ecu . After performing the immobilizer shutdown process, we make the connection between ME7.4.4 Ecu and Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device.

You can make this connection with its original socket adapted to Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Testing device belonging to ME7.4.4 Ecu or with a universal cable that you can easily connect to all vehicle Ecu provided with Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device regardless of whether it is heavy vehicle or passenger vehicle.

After making our connection, we open our ECUTEST Simulation on our computer and enter our username and password. We choose the vehicle brand and model. We enter our simulation screen.

First, we check the injectors and ignition coils and see that it is ok. Then, we check the supply voltage to the sensors by clicking the “Sensor Powers” button on the bottom left of our simulation screen.

We see that the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor supply voltage is colored red and it malfunctions.

When we look at the section that allows us to value the sensors on the right side of our simulation screen, we see on our simulation screen that the signal value we assign to the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor (APP) is not appropriate and the signal value coming from the Ecu is malfunctioning.

Thus, with the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, we can easily find the malfunction of the ME7.4.4 Ecu .

By clicking on the “Electric Diagram” button on the top of our simulation screen, we can see the pins connected to the defective sensor and the signal types of these pins. Then, by clicking the “Component Description” button, we open the inner diagram of ME7.4.4 Ecu .

Here, we can easily see the circuit board to which our defective sensor is connected. When we check the circuit element on the Ecu with the help of a multimeter, we find that the integrated legs are short-circuited.

With the help of a soldering iron, we disassemble the integrated and install the solid integrated instead of it without damaging the ECU.

Thus, the failure of the BOSCH ME7.4.4 Ecu on the table without being in front of the vehicle was easily resolved with the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device at the lowest cost and with the exact solution, and the Ecu was delivered to the customer.

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