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DSG Transmission Ecu Repair

DSG Transmission Ecu Repair

The owner of the Volkswagen Passat 1.6 TDI BlueMotion DSG transmission called our garage and stated that his vehicle had problems with gear shifts, ramps and acceleration (Ecu Repair).

He stated that he was taking the mechanic to the mechanic and suspecting the transmission Ecu that there was no problem with the mechanical parts. We wanted the vehicle to disassemble the transmission Ecu and send it to us.

We took the DSG transmission Ecu to the desktop. We find the schematic of the DSG transmission Ecu with the help of the diagnostic devices and automotive sites that we both sell and use in our garage. Then, thanks to this scheme, we identify the communication pins and power pins.

We supply voltage to the power pins of the DSG transmission Ecu whose pins we have detected. It is very important to identify the power pins of the Ecu because when we apply voltage to the wrong pins, we can blow up all the circuit elements in the DSG transmission Ecu .

Many repairmen say that the vehicle owner needs to install a new transmission Ecu , because the transmission Ecu has an easy malfunction by applying voltage to the wrong pins of the transmission Ecu , and the old one is unusable.

When we watch the components on the circuit with the help of a thermal camera, we see that 2 diodes and 1 mosfet have exploded and other circuit elements are functioning normally.

Since the failure of the exploded circuit elements to fulfill their duties also affects other circuit elements, the vehicle cannot perform gear shifts in a healthy way. Transmission computer cannot send correct signal.

Ecu Test

We remove the diodes and the mosfet from the circuit with the help of a soldering iron without harming the Ecu . First we clean it with solder wire. Then we carefully solder the new diodes and the MOSFET onto the circuit.

We wipe the places that we soldered with thinner or alcohol. We check the legs of the circuit elements that we soldered with the help of a multimeter.

When we look at the thermal imager by re-energizing the Ecu , we see that all components work smoothly and we have tested them. We take the vehicle of the DSG Ecu to our garage and attach the Ecu and go for a test drive.

It seems that there is no problem in shifting and we deliver it to the customer. In this way, we solve the problem of the Ecu in the fastest and most economical way.

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