Ecutest KF-1500 ECU Test Simulator


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Hardware Features

8 Injector High and Low Voltage Simulation (Max 35V)
8 Coil Simulation
8 Input Lines We Can Read Voltage (Max 35V)
28 Sensor Output Simulation (Max 12V)
16 Digital Actuator (Valve) Outputs
4 PWM Inputs (10 Hz – 10 kHz)
4 PWM Outputs (1Hz – 20kHz)
4 H Bridge (Motor Control) Inputs (Frequency, dutycircle)
2 Inductive Outputs (Crank and Cam)
4 Hall Effect Sensors (Crank and Cam, 5v and 12V options available)
4 Relay Control
2 CAN-BUS Lines(CAN1-CAN2)
1 K-Line Line
1L-Line Line (J1708,J1850)
2 Power Supply Outputs (One is voltage and current adjustable, one is fixed)
1 OBD Output
Dashboard, Immo Antenna and BCM Support
Protection Against High Voltage, Current at All Inputs and Outputs
3.2 Inch TFT Screen
120 Ohm Canbus Filter Circuit

Software Features
Online Study
High-Speed ​​Communication Technology Between Computer and Device
Modern User Friendly Interface
ECU Internal Diagram Support
ECU Pin Output Diagram Support
Numbered ECU Socket Guide for Easy Use


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