Ecutest Continental Simos PCR2.1 Ecu socket


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List of vehicles compatible with the Continental Simos PCR2.1 computer socket;

BrandModelEnginePowerModel Year
AudiA1 (8X)1.6 TDi1052010-2014
AudiA1 (8X)1.6 TDi902011-2014
AudiA3 (8P)1.6 TDi1052009-2013
AudiA3 (8P)1.6 TDi902009-2012
SeatAltea1.6 TDi105200-2015
SeatAltea1.6 TDi902010-2015
SeatIbiza IV (6J)1.6 TDi1052008-2017
SeatIbiza IV (6J)1.6 TDi902008-2017
SeatLeon II1.6 TDi1052010-2012
SeatLeon II1.6 TDi902010-2012
SeatToledo (KG)1.6 TDi1052012-2015
SeatToledo (KG)1.6 TDi902013-2015
SkodaFabia II (5J)1.6 TDi1052010-2014
SkodaFabia II (5J)1.6 TDi902010-2014
SkodaFabia II (5J)1.6 TDi752010-2014
SkodaOctavia II (1Z)1.6 TDi1052009-2013
SkodaRapid (NH)1.6 TDi1052012-2015
SkodaRapid (NH)1.6 TDi902013-2015
SkodaRoomster (5J)1.6 TDi1052010-2015
SkodaRoomster (5J)1.6 TDi902010-2015
SkodaSuperb (3T)1.6 TDi1052010-2013
SkodaYeti (5L)1.6 TDi1052009-2015
VolkswagenCaddy (2K)1.6 TDi1022010-2015
VolkswagenCaddy (2K)1.6 TDi752010-2015
VolkswagenGolf VI1.6 TDi1052009-2013
VolkswagenGolf VI1.6 TDi902009-2013
VolkswagenGolf Plus1.6 TDi1052009-2014
VolkswagenGolf Plus1.6 TDi902009-2014
VolkswagenNew Beetle (9C)1.6 TDi1052011-2014
VolkswagenPassat (B7)1.6 TDi1052010-2014
VolkswagenPolo V1.6 TDi1052009-2014
VolkswagenPolo V1.6 TDi902009-2014
VolkswagenPolo V1.6 TDi752009-2010
VolkswagenTouran (1T)1.6 TDi1052010-2015
VolkswagenTouran (1T)1.6 TDi902010-2011
SeatIbiza IV (6P)1.6 TDI1052008-2017
SeatIbiza IV (6P)1.6 TDi902008-2017


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