Ecutest Bosch EDC16C34 Ecu Socket

Ecutest Bosch EDC16C34 Ecu Socket


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Bosch EDC16C34 Ecu Socket compatible vehicle list;

CitroenBerlingo (B9)1600 HDi 9HT
CitroenBerlingo (B9)1600 HDi 9HW
CitroenBerlingo (B9)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenBerlingo (B9)1600 HDi 9HZ
CitroenBerlingo (M59)1600 HDi 9HW
CitroenBerlingo (M59)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenC2 (A6)1600 HDi 9HZ
CitroenC3 (A31)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenC3 (A31)1600 HDi 9HZ
CitroenC3 (A51)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenC3 Picasso (A58)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenC3 Picasso (A58)1600 HDi 9HZ
CitroenC4 (B5)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenC4 (B5)1600 HDi 9HY
CitroenC4 Coupe (B5)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenC4 Coupe (B5)1600 HDi 9HY
CitroenC4 Grand Picasso (B58)1600 HDi
CitroenC4 Picasso (B58)1600 HDi 9HY
CitroenC4 Picasso (B58)1600 HDi 9HZ
CitroenC5 (X3)1600 HDi 9HY
CitroenJumpy (G9)1600 HDi 9HU
CitroenNemo (A9)1400 HDi 8HS
CitroenXsara Picasso (N68)1600 HDi 9HX
CitroenXsara Picasso (N68)1600 HDi 9HY
CitroenXsara Picasso (N68)1600 HDi 9HZ
FIATScudo (270)1600 Multijet 9HU
FordFiesta (JD / JH)1600 TDCi HHJA
FordFiesta (JD / JH)1600 TDCi HHJB
FordFiesta (JD / JH)1600 TDCi HHJC
FordFiesta (JD / JH)1600 TDCi HHJD
FordFiesta (JD / JH)1600 TDCi HHJE
FordFocus (DA3 / DB3)1600 TDCi G8DA
FordFocus (DA3 / DB3)1600 TDCi G8DB
FordFocus (DA3 / DB3)1600 TDCi G8DC
FordFocus (DA3 / DB3)1600 TDCi HHDA
FordFocus (DA3 / DB3)1600 TDCi HHDB
FordFocus C-Max (DM2)1600 TDCi G8DA
FordFocus C-Max (DM2)1600 TDCi G8DB
FordFocus C-Max (DM2)1600 TDCi HHDA
FordFocus C-Max (DM2)1600 TDCi HHDB
FordFusion (JU)1600 TDCi HHJA
FordFusion (JU)1600 TDCi HHJB
Mazda3 (BK)1600 TD Y6
Peugeot1007 (A08)1600 HDi 9HZ
Peugeot206 (T1)1400 HDi 8HX
Peugeot206 (T1)1400 HDi 8HZ
Peugeot206 (T1)1600 HDi 9HZ
Peugeot207 (A7)1400 HDi 8HR
Peugeot207 (A7)1400 HDi 8HZ
Peugeot207 (A7)1600 HDi 9HX
Peugeot207 (A7)1600 HDi 9HZ
Peugeot3008 (T8)1600 HDi 9HZ
Peugeot307 (T5)1600 HDi 9HZ
Peugeot308 (T7)1600 HDi 9HX
Peugeot308 (T7)1600 HDi 9HZ
Peugeot407 (D2)1600 HDi 9HY
Peugeot5008 (T8)1600 HDi 9HZ
PeugeotBipper (A9)1400 HDi 8HS
PeugeotExpert (G9)1600 HDi 9HU
PeugeotPartner (B9)1600 HDi 9HT
PeugeotPartner (B9)1600 HDi 9HX
PeugeotPartner (B9)Partner (M5) 1600 HDi 9HW
PeugeotPartner (M5)1600 HDi 9HW
PeugeotPartner (M5)1600 HDi 9HX
PeugeotRanch (M5)1600 HDi 9HW
PeugeotTepee1600 HDi 9HX
VolvoS40 (II)1600D DRIVe
VolvoV50 (P12)1600D DRIVe


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