Man Tga Ecu Repair

Man Tga Ecu Repair

Ecu Repair- Ecu Name: BOSCH EDC7C3

Vehicle Information: MAN TGA 33.360- 2008 Model-Diesel-6 Cylinder-EURO 3

Materials Used: Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Tester, Thermal Camera (Optional), multimeter and soldering iron set

               MAN TGA 33.360 EURO 3 heavy vehicle owner called our garage and stated that lightning had fallen on the heavy vehicle and the engine Ecu was not working. We told him to send the engine Ecu to us and we would detect its malfunction.

               When we looked at the Ecu code, we saw that it was BOSCH EDC7C3. We connected the BOSCH EDC7C3 Ecu to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device.

You can make this connection both with the socket of our EDC7C3 Ecu and with the Unıversal Cable, which is provided when you buy the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, and allows you to connect to all Ecu easily.

After we made our connection, we ran our ECUTEST program on our computer. After selecting the vehicle brand and model, we started our simulation screen by confirming the BOSCH EDC7C3 Ecu .

When we started our simulation screen, we observed that the Ecu did not give any signals, only power was drawn, and the Ecu could not communicate with the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Tester.

When we checked the CAN LINE lines, which are the communication line of the Ecu , with the help of a multimeter, we observed that there was no signal.

Ecu Repair
Ecu Test

From the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Tester simulation screen, we easily determined the pins connected to the life lines, which pins were CAN HIGH and which were CAN LOW, and which integrated pins were connected to from the simulation screen.

When we checked the integrated, you can also do this with a thermal camera, we found that it draws more current than the current it needs to reach a very high temperature and loses its function, as a result of which it prevents communication between the Ecu and the vehicle.

               We opened the EDC7C3 Ecu on the desktop and removed the integrated control that controls the CAN line, with the help of a soldering iron, without damaging the engine Ecu ecu repair .

Since the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Testing Device tells us the brand and model of the integrated components, we have replaced the same integrated integrated circuit that we have removed, without damaging the other circuit elements of the ECU.

Later, when we opened our Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Tester simulation screen, we saw that communication was established between the Ecu and ECUTEST. Later, when we controlled the Ecu sensors, injectors, valves and relays on the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Tester simulation screen, we observed that it worked without any problems.

In this way, the failure of the BOSCH EDC7C3 Ecu was easily resolved with the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device on the desktop without being in front of the vehicle, with the lowest cost and exact solution, and the Ecu was delivered to the customer.

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