Kia Picanto ECU Repair

Kia Picanto ECU Repair

Kia Picanto 1.1 vehicle owner called our garage and reported a malfunction in the ECU. He reported that he changed the spark plugs of his vehicle, but the vehicle failed, fell out of traction and started to burn too much as fuel (Kia Picanto Ecu Repair).

We told him to send the ECU to us and we would help.

How to Repair Kia Picanto ECU?
We took the ECU, KEFICO 39110-02055, which belongs to the Kia Picanto 1.1 vehicle, to the desktop. First of all, we make a connection between KEFICO 39110-02055 and Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device.

We made this connection with the Universal Socket, which is provided with the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device, allowing you to easily connect to all heavy vehicle and passenger engine ecu.

Upon the request of our customers, we can make it in the original socket of each engine ecu, so you can connect the socket directly to the ECU and make your connection. After making our connection, we open our simulation of the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device from the computer.

After selecting the vehicle brand and model, we confirm the ECU KEFICO 39110-02055 and enter our simulation screen. When we run our simulation, we observe that the injectors work normally, but the Ignition Coils are defective, not working properly, and malfunctioning on the simulation screen.

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Ecu Test

Later, when we look at the sensors and valves, we see that it is fine. Thus, we find the problem of KEFICO 39110-02055 ECU. After finding the fault, we first see the internal diagram of KEFICO 39110-02055 ECU by clicking the “Component Description” button on our simulation screen. Here it is written the role and brand of the circuit elements.

Here we learn the transistors to which the ignition coils are connected and the integration. Then, by clicking on the “Electrcic Diagram”, we see the pin ends connected to the Ignition Coils and the signal types of these pins.

With the multimeter, we check the circuit path from the pins to the circuit elements first. We see that there is no problem on the way. When we check the transistors to which the ignition coils are connected, we see that there is no problem.

When we check the integrated that they are connected to, we see that the integrated loses its function and burns by drawing high voltage. With the help of a soldering iron, we remove the defective integrated without damaging the ECU and place the solid one in its place.

KEFICO 39110-02055 We reconnect the engine ecu to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Test Device. When we opened our simulation screen, we observed that the problem was resolved and the Ignition Coils were working smoothly.

Thus, thanks to the Ecutest Ecu Simulation and Testing Device, we can solve the problem of KEFICO 39110-02055 ECU in the fastest, easiest and lowest cost. We deliver KEFICO 39110-02055 ECU to our customer.

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