Nitro Mekatronik

About us

Our company is in the center of Adana, Turkey with its expert staff has managed to address the four corners. Offers sales and warranty of passenger, light commercial, heavy vehicle diagnostic, ecu programming devices. With the help of engineers in our expert team, we have finished R&D activities and released Ecutest KF-1500 device the first digital ecu test device around the world.

About Ecutest

First in Turkey and in the World

Ecu Signal Simulator

Products and Services

With 10 years of knowledge and experience, we have taken our country's flag in the international automotive sector as our mission, and we are producing solutions on passenger cars, heavy vehicles,
construction machine models with the projects we have developed by building an R&D center with 100% domestic capital for this goal. Ecutest, which is of great importance in terms of time and cost, fulfills the requirements of the technological age.
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